Studio Cindy Beuhlah is a nonconformist creative studio based in Berlin.
Fascinated by the human body, face, and the natural world, Studio Cindy Beuhlah seeks to illuminate those fears, impulses and aspirations that are intrinsically human by warping the perspective on innately familiar symbols and themes. The studio aims to create emotive responses by utilizing ambiguity to juxtapose the physical world with ethereal concepts.
The studio works in a variety of mediums: 
Branding, Art Direction, Design, Drawing, Editorial Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design, Product Design, Typography, Artwork, Icon Design, Video Concept, Anything Exciting and (re)Creative
I am usually available for commissions!
Tell me more about your awesome project at and we can see how it goes.
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Studio Cindy Beuhlah is represented by Romeo & Fils

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